Complete List of Products and Services Offered By:

ASAP Home Appraisals, Inc.

                            Appraisal Product & Services                              

Appraisal Type Description Price
FNMA 1004 (Full Appraisal) Complete Int/Ext Appraisal $350
FNMA 1004 (Full Appraisal) FHA FHA/Reverse Mortgage Appraisal $400
FNMA 1004 (Full Appraisal) REO REO/Foreclosure Appraisal $400
FNMA 1004 (Full Appraisal) Cmplx Complex Appraisal $400
FNMA 1004 (Full Appraisal) DoD Date of Death Appraisal $400
FNMA 1004 (Full Appraisal) RTRO Retrospective Appraisal $400
FNMA 1004 (Full Appraisal) Lit Litigation Appraisal $475
FNMA 1004D (Satis. Cmpl/Update) Final Inspection/Appraisal Update $100
FNMA 1007 Comparable Rent Schedule $65
FNMA 216 Operating Income Statement $65
FNMA 1007/FNMA 216 Rent Sched/Op Inc Combo $100
FNMA 1025 (2 Unit) 2-Unit/1 Lot Appraisal $450
FNMA 1025 (3 Unit) 3-Unit/1 Lot Appraisal $475
FNMA 1025 (4 Unit) 4-Unit/1 Lot Appraisal $500
FNMA 1073 (Condo/PUD) Condo/PUD Appraisal $350
FNMA 1075 (Condo Drive By) Condo/PUD Drive By Appraisal $250
FNMA 2000 (Field Review) 1-Unit Field Review $275
FNMA 2000A (Field Review) 2 - 4-Unit Field Review $325
FNMA 2006 (Desk Review) Desk Review $200
FNMA 2055 (Drive By) Drive By Appraisal $250
FNMA 2070 (Cond & Mrktblty) Condition & Marketability $200
FNMA 2075 (Prpty Insp) Property Inspection $200
FNMA Land Land Appraisal $300

  This is a complete list of appraisal services provided, with all fees representing base fees applying to most assignments.  90-95% of all appraisal fees fall into the stated fee schedule.  Those properties that are determined to be complex properties, assume a base fee as noted above, however are subject to a fee quote given on a case by case basis.  All fees will be agreed upon before completion of said appraisal.  All fees are representative of all Service Areas provided by our company.  If you have any questions, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.